Lonnie Painter, Founder.


"I have spent thousands of hours studying the science here in the US and in Europe. I believe I can actually help people learn to treat themselves."

Although I've used this plant off & on most of my adult life I didn't know the vast medicinal potential until about seven years ago when we started the collective. Since then I have spent thousands of hours reading research papers, scientific data, attending medical conferences in the US and abroad. 

In 2013 I was one of three people from the US to be accepted into Bedrocan's Masterclass in the Netherlands. Bedrocan is the only company in the world currently producing standardized, medicinal grade cannabis available by prescription in seven different countries. The masterclass is held once a year.


​Lonnie Painter.

This has been a great honor to take part in this movement to bring this most amazing plant back from the graveyard of government & political insanity.


The Masterclass is a comprehensive review of the science of cannabis, as well as an inside look at the Dutch Health Ministry’s regulation of the production and distribution of cannabis for medical use.  

Participants travel throughout the Netherlands for a full tour of the most advanced medicinal cannabis program in the world, meeting many of the key professionals involved. The course is organized by Dr. Arno Hazekamp, head of R&D at Bedrocan.  Dr. Hazekamp is the author of numerous papers on cannabis chemistry, delivery mechanisms, clinical studies, behavioral research, and more.   Bedrocan bridges the gap between patients' needs for cannabis and the quality standards of modern medicine though an active research program and a commitment to sharing knowledge through scientific publication.  Herbal cannabis can, and should, meet the all of the existing regulations for medicines.