Our History

Lonnie Painter, restauranteur/chef. Former member of the Orange Coast College's Advisory Committee in the Culinary Arts.  Taught chef apprentices from OCC's culinary arts program at his award winning restaurant in Laguna Beach, Cafe Zoolu. Painter as director of the Village Cannabis Collective has brought the same high level of care he demonstrated at his award winning restaurant in Laguna Beach, Cafe Zoolu.

  Serving seniors since 2009 

The Laguna Woods Medical Cannabis Collective has been praised in numerous news reports both national and international. One of the longest active collectives in the state and one of the first to lab test their medicines. Serving seniors since 2009. Providing the finest organically grown cannabis at fair trade prices, cannabis medicines including THC, THCA, CBD, CBDA, topical pain relievers, edibles, extracts, tinctures, elixers, etc.

Links to a few news reports;

Serving the senior community in Laguna Woods Village since 2009.  A true, grass roots collective born from the creative, caring minds of a small group of seniors living in Laguna Woods, California as well as a couple of long time activists.

Laguna Woods was the first city in Orange County to allow medical cannabis. Their city council unanimously approved a city code to allow cannabis dispensaries but property managers in the city refused to rent to a cannabis dispensary saying, "As long as it is illegal Federally we will not rent."

The group of seniors included two retired nurses, Margo, an Aquadette battling MS and Anna, who had helped write California's Prop 215, Dr Bill, former family physician & government health official,  Andy, union soundman from a local outdoor concert venue, Jon, a retired lawyer with male breast cancer,  Tracy, NORML activist & doctors office personal. And Lonnie Painter