“We test our cannabis for pesticides, bacteria, potency & terpenes. Terpenes are a guide when explaining why one strain might be better than another for a specific purpose. Terpenes are present in high enough mg to have a pronounced effect. Some terpenes are sedative, anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxers, anti-anxiety, anti-depression, memory boosters. If you wanted a strain that would relieve pain, give you energy and not make you sleepy we would read the lab results and point out ones that could be best.

Many dispensaries & their bud tenders and even doctors will make suggestions of indica & sativa for different effects. If they do, you can bet they have very little scientific knowledge about cannabis. Those terms are a urban myth. There is absolutely no truth in it. Ignorance is one of the many big problems this industry has. Ignorance and when that is coupled with profit seeking and a lack of sensible regulations we end up with bud tenders who repeat that nonsense while making recommendations to people who could be seriously ill and need cannabis medicines based on facts, on the latest research.

Indica and Sativa: It’s not what you think
Many dispensaries and their bud tenders tell you that there is a pronounced difference between indica and sativa each with its own list of effects. For several years cannabis labs in California and around the world have been analyzing thousands of samples sent in by dispensaries and we now know these claims about the differences between indica and saliva should be nothing more than urban myth. The terms indica and sativa, science tells us, is only relevant in discussing what the plant looks like.

The entourage effect
What is responsible for the different effects from various strains of cannabis? For that answer we look to what the brightest minds in cannabis science tell us. They tell us it's a combination of a users individual mental and physiological make up and what they call the entourage effects. This is the total cannabinoid and terpene composition of the plants. Cannabinoids, of which there are between 80-100 include THC, CBD, CBG and many others as well as there acidic precursors. Terpines are the molecules which cause the odor or bouquet of the plants. Terpines provide different medical effects, some are anti-inflammatory,  sedative, muscle relaxant, anti-depressant, stimulants and pain relieving. By understanding the complete make up of the plant we may have a clue which strain could be better for each individual. And it is only through the lab analysis and knowledge of the entourage affects that allow us to make an informed recommendation.

Illness that may be treated or prevented by Cannabis & Cannabinoids 

The chart below shows many illness that may be treated or prevented by Cannabis & Cannabinoids  including insomnia, chronic pain, cancer,, Alzheimers, dementia, etc


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